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Let it Bleed (Rock Band)

CHINA GOURMET 1583 Worcester Rd, Framingham, MA 01701 SATURDAY, APRIL 20 2019 9:00 PM — 11:30 PM 508-628-9227

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Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, family get-togethers are some of the most enjoyable events in one’s life and when a person is able to celebrate them at a fine restaurant; it just adds more to his/her joy. These days every restaurant boosts of its tasty food and quality customer services. But not every restaurant keeps up with the expectations of a customer. If you are looking for a place which serves best Asian, Japanese, Chinese and other cuisines then, China Gourmet Framingham is one the best pick for you.

We are a perfect venue for private party bookings because the restaurant offers a very vibrant ambiance, excellent customer service and above all the food prepared here is by the experienced and talented chefs. There are many exciting offers and discounts which are given to our customers on huge orders or bookings.

Apart from this, another one of the most exciting quality of our restaurant is that we also have an arrangement for live music so that people can enjoy the delicious food while listening to a mesmerizing music.

The dishes here are prepared with full passion and it is made sure by the chefs that they contain the authentic taste and smell as well. It is because; we understand that along with the presentation of the food taste and smell are also important factors to consider. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and book the tables fast for your upcoming party and experience one of the best private party of your life.

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